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Green Screen

How to Paint a Green Screen with Rosco DigiComp® HD Paint
Den är ganska ljus och knallgrön

C Rosco Chroma Key Paint

"There is nothing special about chroma key paint. It’s just green latex paint………really it is."
"Its generally a flat latex. The only thing special about green screen paint is that it is mixed with a green hue that is a very true green."

 "... a green hue that is a very true green."
Ja, vad kan han mena med det?
Här är några, som diskuterar vad "true green" är, men de verkar inte komma fram till vad som kan menas med det.

Att en färg är "true" tycks betyda att den är så från början och inte är resultat av blandning av andra färger.

Chrome Green is a term most commonly applied in the nineteenth century to a composite pigment where Prussian blue was precipitated on chrome yellow. Field adds that this term is used for ‘compounds of chromate of lead with Prussian blue and other blue colours.’
Chrome green also designated the pigment green chromium oxide, but which was distinguished from composite pigments of the same name by the terms Native green or True green.
Rublev Colours Chrome Green is composed of chrome yellow medium and Prussian blue according to nineteenth century formulations.

Green Screen Paint – How to Pick the Right One

"Choosing the wrong paint will start a frustrating chain of events that delivers nothing but wasted time and disappointing results."

Watch the video at the top of the page and you can see a thorough demonstration of the difference between the Rosco paint and a custom mix interior house paint. The pro paint gives a much more even light reflection and a tighter, more consistent, color range.

Here is the reason for the difference.
The color of house paint is created by mixing together different color pigments to create the desired color, just like you did in 3rd grade art class. The Rosco paint is made using a single pigment that is carefully chosen to be the optimal color. The resulting green color is more pure and less likely to reflect any colors that would cause problems in post production. The ultra-flat matte finish of the paint has no sheen. The flat finish of interior house paint still has small amount of sheen/gloss. The result is more even lighting with less chance of surface reflections coloring the image.
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One of the most important concepts in lighting for green screen is that you need to light the screen and subject separately. All of those green screen lighting kits you’ve seen advertised online have given you a false understanding of what is needed to properly light a green screen. 

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